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Spring 2019: Group Picture  

Left to right: Yi Zhou, David Samet, Chong Ye, David Casey Woodrum, Nick Ginga, Suresh Sitaraman, V. N. N. Trilochan Rambhatla, Benjamin Stewart, Justin Chow, Rui Chen, Isaac Bower, Christine Taylor


Fall 2018: Isaac and Dave's Graduation Celebration and Farewell

Left to right: Isaac Bower, David Samet, Justin Chow, Veronica Samet, Helen Chow, Yi Zhou, Rui Chen, Christine Taylor, Suresh Sitaraman, David Casey Woodrum, Sarah Walsh, Benjamin Stewart


Spring 2018: Group Picture  

Left to right: Rajaguruprasath Raveendran, V. N. N. Trilochan Rambhatla, David Samet, Benjamin Stewart, Suresh K. Sitaraman, David Casey Woodrum, Christine Taylor, Justin Chow, Rui Chen, Chong Ye, Yi Zhou, Isaac Bower, Yuanlai Zhou


Summer 2017: Pranay Valluru's and Philip Chung's Farewell Lunch     

     Left to right: Trilochan Rambhatla, Justin Chow, Casey Woodrum, Rui Chen, Philip Chung, Yuanlai (Andy) Zhou, Christine Taylor, David Samet, Pranay Valluru, Joseph May, Suresh Sitaraman, Chris May, Isaac Bower

Spring 2017:  Scott McCann's, Yaqin Song's and Philip Chung's  Graduation Dinner  

    Back row: Rui Chen, Casey Woodrum, Isaac Bower, Christine Taylor, Justin Chow, Trilochan Rambhatla, Suresh Sitaraman, Pranay Valluru, David Samet, Abhishek Kwatra

    Front row: Yaqin Song, Scott McCann, Philip Chung

Fall 2016:  Abhishek Kwatra's and Jose Soler's  Graduation Lunch  

  Left to right: Yang Gao, Trilochan Rambhatla, Austin McKeand, Justin Chow, Jose Soler, Suresh Sitaraman, Abhishek Kwatra, David Samet, Philip Chung



Fall 2015:  Wei Chen's  Graduation Lunch

Left to right: Jiaxing Liang, Lei Nie, Yaquin Song, Justin Chow, David Samet, Lucus, Suresh Sitaraman, Wei Chen, 

Abhishek Kwatra, Christine Taylor, Scott McCann and Jun Shen 

Fall 2015:  Wei Chen's  Defense Lunch

Left to right: Casey Woodrum, Yeming (Paula) Xian, David Samet, Trilochan Rambhatla, Suresh Sitaraman,  Wei Chen,

Justin Chow, Christine Taylor,  Yaquin Song, Lei Nie, Jun Shen, Phillip Chung,  and Jiaxing Liang

Spring 2015: Sathyanarayanan Raghavan's Commencement Party

Back row: Justin Chow, Lei Nie, Trilochan Rambhatla, Jun Shen, Yaqin Song and Jiaxing Liang

Front row: Scott McCann, Sathyanarayanan Raghavan, Suresh Sitaraman, Alex Shen, and Christine Taylor

Fall 2014:  Nicholas Ginga's Commencement Party

Back row: Wei Chen, Yaquin Song, Suresh Sitaraman, Nicholas Ginga, Jackie Ginga, and Jiaxing Liang

Front row: Scott McCann, Casey Woodrum, Yeming (Paula) Xian, Christine Taylor, and David Samet

Spring 2014: Nicholas Ginga's Defense Lunch

Back Row: Casey Woodrum, Justin Chow, David Samet, Nicholas Ginga, Scott, McCann, Ram Mohan Telikicherla, Abhishek Kwatra, and Wei Chen

Front Row: Suresh Sitaraman, Xi Liu, and Christine Taylor


Spring 2014: Raphael's, Scott's and  William's Graduation

Back Row: Sathyanarayanan Raghavan, Raphael Okereke, Scott McCann, WIlliam Kreiger, Wei Chen, Casey Woodrum and Ram Mohan Telikicherla

Front Row: Christine Taylor, Suresh SItaraman, David Samet, and Xi Liu

Fall 2013: Xi Liu's Graduation Dinner

CASPaR members and Guests

Fall 2012: Gregory Ostrowicki's and Anirudh Bhat's Graduation

From left to right: Scott McCann, Xi Liu, Justin Chow, Hao Luo, Nicholas Ginga, Anirudh Bhat,

Suresh Sitaraman, Gregory Ostrowicki, Raphael Okereke, Christine Taylor, Wei Chen,

Louis Valles, Sathyanarayanan Raghavan, and James Kim

Fall 2012: Ye Tian's Farewell Lunch

From left to right: Hao Luo, Ye Tian, Raphael Okereke, Justin Chow, Xi Liu,

Christine Taylor, Wei Chen, Nicholas Ginga, Ashley & Gregory Ostrowicki, Suresh Sitaraman, and Casey Woodrum

Fall 2012: Ye Tian's Farewell @Chowbaby

From left to right: Nicholas Ginga, Casey Woodrum, Ye Tian, Hao Luo, Suresh Sitaraman,

Gregory Ostrowicki, Christine Taylor, Ashley Ostrowicki, Justin Chow, Xi Liu, Raphael Okereke, and Wei Chen

Spring 2012

From left to right: Gregory Ostrowicki, Christine Taylor, Wei Chen, Justin Chow, Suresh Sitaraman, 

Anirudh Bhat, Nicholas Ginga, Xi Liu, Raphael Okereke, and Danfeng Long

Fall 2011

From left to right: Ju Xu, Christine Taylor, Sathyanarayanan Raghavan, Aditya Melkote,

Xi Liu, Raphael Okereke, Gregory Ostrowiki, Suresh Sitaraman, and Anirudh Bhat

Winter 2010

From left to right: Raphael Okereke, Ye Tian, Will, Suresh Sitaraman, Gregory Ostrowicki,

Robert Lee, Sathyanarayanan Raghavan, Patrick Smith, Xi Liu, Casey Woodrum,

Nicholas Ginga, Justin Chow, and Anirudh Bhat

Summer 2010

From left to right: Suresh Sitaraman, Xi Liu, Robert Lee, Gregory Ostrowiki, Taylor Breault,

Will, Nicholas Ginga, Suman, Raphael Okereke, Sathyanarayanan Raghavan, and Justin Chow