Utility and Provisional Patents

Provisional Patents

  1. Variable Interconnect Geometry with Optimal Electrical and Mechanical Properties for Electronic Packages Patent
  2. Micro and Nano-Cantilever Array with Integrated Piezoresistive Material for Biochemical Assay Patent
  3. “Nano-Scaled Stress-Engineered Biochemical Assay Patent
  4. Fixtureless non-contact fatigue testing for nano-scale thin films using electromagnetism method
  5. Three-Mask Lithography-Based Compliant Interconnects Patent
  6. Trench-via Shape Design of On-Chip Interconnect with Cu/Low-K Patent
  7. Cu/Low-K Interface Adhesion Enhancement Through Nano-Colonies of Adhesive Materials
  8. Modified Decohesion Test for the Measurement of the Mode-Mixity Dependent Interfacial Fracture Toughness

Utility Patents

  1. Compliant Off-Chip Interconnects for Use in Electronic Packages and Fabrication Methods
  2. Compliant Off-Chip Interconnects for use in Electronic Packages
  3. Multi-Axis Compliance Spring Patent
  4. Complaint Off-Chip interconnects Patent